4 Dog Care Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know.

Today I am gonna share you 4 valuable dog care tips for you. These points might help you when you look after your dog.

dog care tips

What To Do When Bathing a dog

All dogs get dirty and if you let nature take its course you will most likely end up with a smelly dog that can make your house smell very doggy. So, bathing a dog is something we should all do now and again as good dog owners who care about our pets.

When bathing your dog you should avoid getting water in his ears as this can cause problems and could lead to infection which can make your dog uncomfortable and lead to him spending a lot of time shaking his head as if to clear something out of his ears.

How often you bathe your dog will depend on many things such as what breed of dog he is, how hairy he is and what sort of lifestyle your dog leads. If he is out every day digging in the dirt he will get dirty very quickly but if he hardly ever leaves the house he will keep very clean.

The Hairy types of dogs like many types of Spaniels might require bathing to be carried out once every six or eight weeks. If these breeds are bathed too frequently and you are using shampoo you can remove essential oils from the skin and coat which may lose their protective character.

If your dog has got some smelly item on its coat then obviously you need to wash him but as a general guide, six to eight weeks is about right.

You should avoid using your regular human shampoos and soap as these may have additives and detergents that might be harmful to your pet dog.

You should always choose specialist dog grooming products and washing soaps to make sure you do not do any harm to your dog.

Using a dog coat conditioner can help avoid his coat becoming tangled and make grooming and brushing his coat easier and less uncomfortable for him too.

When the time comes for you to start bathing your dog make sure you have everything you need handy and within reach. Make sure the water is not too hot or too cold and be sure to have plenty of water available ready for rinsing the shampoo out of his coat.

Some dogs love bathing while others never seem to feel comfortable about it. If required get a helper to assist and hold your dog still while you wash him and rinse his coat clean.

Use a leash if needed and keep reassuring him that everything is OK.

Bathing your dog should be fun for you and him so try to make it a happy time for him with lots of cuddles and affection and with luck he will look forward to the next time you decide it is time for bathing your dog.

What You Need To Know About Clipping A Dog

There are plenty of dog owners out there who know nothing about clipping a dog and for a lot who do know about it a lot will think of it like servicing the car or fixing the air conditioner but the reality is you are dealing with an animal and it is a skillful art rather than a simple mechanical type of job.

When you are dealing with live animals like dogs you can’t behave the same as you would with some inanimate object. It is more like looking after your children to take the greatest of care and never try to rush things.

If you are about to start clipping a dogs coat or trimming your dog’s nails you need to be very careful to avoid any injuries or damage to your dog to either the skin or his nails.

Not all dogs require clipping but the breed characteristics will usually dictate the way that your dog’s coat should be clipped. You need to be thorough and go over the whole coat to avoid skin diseases and infection where the old coat has trapped dirt and debris close to the skin.

Bathing your dog before clipping may make the job of trimming your dog’s coat easier but make sure his coat is dry before you begin the dog clipping process.

When the hair is clean it should cut more easily and this makes it easier for you to get your coat trimming right. By clipping a clean coat there will be fewer parasitic insects and bugs in the trimmed coat to reinfect your dog later on.

If you are unsure how to go about clipping your dog in a proper and professional way there are plenty of pet health parlors where they will gladly do the clipping and you can usually watch to see how it is done.

There are two simple rules for dog clipping and the first should be obvious.

You should always use sharp clippers because blunt clippers will catch and pull the hair and make your dog very uncomfortable but it also makes the whole job of dog clipping much more difficult for you to always use sharp dog hair clippers.

The second rule is to be aware that by clipping your dog you are removing some of his protection from the cold and the weather.

If you cut your dog’s coat too short in the winter months he may suffer from the cold and could even become ill. So clip in spring rather than mid-winter.

The clipping of dog nails should be carried out with great care. Cutting too far back can cause your dog a lot of pain but simply trimming the pointed end should be fine.

You can often see the blood vessels in the back part of the nail in the lighter colored dog nails so be sure to stay well away from this area when trimming your dog’s nails.

Make sure you use good quality dog coat and nail clippers. Cheap ones may not be sharp enough or last very long and if you plan to have your dog for many years good quality dog clipper is likely to last much longer.

Do You Know About Heartworm In Dogs And Puppies?

We all have heard of horror stories about people who suddenly found their pet dog was ill with some obscure illness they had never heard of before and this is a worry for any dog lover so it makes good sense to make yourself aware of all you can about your dog’s health.

One question that crops up is about dogs and heartworm.

There are other types of animal that can suffer from heartworm but dogs can be affected too. The big question is if it can this be cured and the answer is yes it can be treated and effectively dealt with.

There is at least one drug used to help in the prevention of heartworm in dogs and that is known as Ivermectin.

This seems to have some beneficial preventative features that can resist heartworms.

When a dog is affected by heartworm some signs to look out for include frequent coughing, excessive panting, and your dog will appear less lively and perhaps quite dull compared to his normal self.

The heartworms can be up to twenty-seven centimeters in length for the female worm and about seventeen centimeters in length for the male worm.

The worms are usually transmitted between animals by mosquitoes who may contain the larvae of heartworms inside them.

Treatments for heart-worms may also be effective in treating other worm infestations in your dogs such as hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms.

The third stage larva is the crucial one when it comes to transmission of heartworm larva through mosquito bites. This will usually be less common in the colder months when the mosquito is more dormant and unlikely to be breeding but it may occur at any time in many countries around the world.

Drug treatment is available in both as an injection or in oral form and there are some applications where it may be used as an external treatment.

The cost is always an important factor for many people and it needs to be considered before treatment begins.

The usual procedure is that a month before the mosquito season begins and up to two months after the mosquito season, ivermectin or milbemycin oxime may be given once monthly for the prophylaxis and Diethylcarbamazine may also be administered for therapeutic purposes.

Avoid Boredom By Giving Your Dog Some Variations In His Daily Routine

Our dogs are very intelligent animals and they like to do things that keep them thinking.

A dog’s life can be very boring if the same things happen every day at the same time so try to give your dog some variety in his day.

We all know about boredom and no doubt most of us as children spent time when we simply didn’t know what we could to add some variety to our lives.

Dogs are no different. They love to spend time in new places and doing new things or just doing the same old things a little differently so try to change your pet dogs routine now and again to avoid him getting bored with the same old things.

Dogs do like to have some familiar things and their bedding is an example of something they like because they are familiar with it. We all like to have somewhere we call home and your dog is no different but there are other things you can change and your dog will love you for it.

Bored dogs may display several different types of behavioral patterns which can give you a clue that they need some changes in their daily routine.

Barking continuously may just be a case of ‘something to do to ease the boredom’ and other dogs may spend their time digging up your yard or garden.

If you distract your dog with some new activities or new toys it may be a much happier and more contented dog. There are plenty of different types of dog toys around but he may be just as happy playing with a ball or an old coat you no longer need.

Leave your dog toys where he can easily get them and he will entertain himself with them when he is getting bored. If you leave them in his bed or crate he will feel very comfortable with them and they will be like inanimate friends for him.

Make sure you take him out regularly as dogs love to see new things and take him to different places if you can so he can enjoy discovering new sights sounds and smells that he is not familiar with.

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