Boston Terrier An Amazing Loyal Dog

Boston Terrier Introduction

The ‘American Gentleman’ as the Boston Boston Terrier is sometimes called, is a sweet-natured, gentle and intelligent dog that originated in the US and was recognized by the American Kennel Clun in 1893.

boston terrier dog


The Boston Terrier as a breed appeared in the 1870′s, when a gentleman named Robert Hooper, of Boston, purchased a dog called Hooper’s Judge.

Hooper’s Judge was a Bull Terrier type dog although his specific bloodline is unknown.

Hooper’s Judge weighed over 13.5 kilos and was successfully bred with French Bulldogs, whose pups were the founders of the Boston Terrier breed, originally called the ‘Olde Boston Bulldogge’.

By the turn of the century, the profile of this breed had risen considerably and the American Bull Terrier Club was formed.

Shortly after the club changed its name to the Boston Terrier Club and in 1893 it was admitted into the American Kennel Club. By the early 20th century the breed’s distinctive markings and color were written into the standard.

Boston Terriers are still very popular dogs in America and are commonly seen as mascots for schools, universities, and clubs.


Average height to withers: Males and females should vary between 15-17 inches.

Average weight: Between 4.5-11kg for males and females. Strict guidelines in the standard disqualify any dog over 11.3kg (25lb) in the show ring.

Boston Terriers have short, compact and muscular frames with well-balanced and graceful postures.

The short and wide head (once leading to their nickname ‘Roundheads’), is in proportion to their bodies and a has a square, wrinkle-free muzzle, widely set dark or brown eyes and large black noses The ears are large, triangular and held erect.

They have slightly arched necks and broad, barrel chests with strong legs and short tails. Their smooth, short and fine coats come in brindle and white, ‘seal’ and white (seal is a specific Boston Terrier color which is a black base with a reddish tone in the sunlight or bright lights), or solid black and white.

Boston Terrier Temperament

The Boston Terrier is generally well mannered, alert, good-natured and fun dog.

Without a certain amount of stimulation, they can become rather over-enthusiastic, bordering on unmanageable. With this in mind, a good exercise and training routine is essential.

The Boston Terrier must be trained in a firm and consistent manner and is the type of dog which needs to respect its owner. That is not to say training methods must be harsh, but if allowed to, this breed can become quite dominant and may display quite negative behaviors.

A recognized, respected ‘pack leader’ is needed and this must be the owner, not the dog. They are also notoriously difficult to house train!

They are routinely reliable with children and especially good with elderly people, often being used as PAT therapy dogs in hospices, nursing homes, and schools.

The Boston Terrier is playful, very affectionate and will thrive on being part of the family. They are also reliable and good with other household pets and early socialization will only serve to enhance this.


Boston Terrier has a long life expectancy of 15 years plus, in good health.

However, there are a number of conditions which routinely affect this breed the most prolific of which is problems breathing and overheating.

Because of the Boston Terriers head and nose shape, it is considered a brachycephalic (short-faced) dog breed. As such, care must be taken when exercising this dog, especially in the heat, to ensure it does not overheat.

This is in large due to breathing issues and a decreased efficiency in panting, which all dogs used to cool down. Shade and water must be provided (for all dogs) in hot weather, but it is especially notable for the Boston Terrier.

Other issues facing this breed included eye diseases and problems such as cataracts as well as being prone to injury due to their prominence. In addition, pups are routinely delivered via a caesarian section because of their large heads in proportion to the narrow pelvis of the dam.

It’s Care

Eye care is essential in this breed and it will benefit from a gentle daily clean in this area.

As mentioned, care is also needed in warmer weather where exercise is concerned and shade/water must be provided when the dog is outside.

Alternatively, the owner needs to keep the dog indoors and cooler during the heat of the day.

That said, the Boston Terrier is quite an energetic breed so twice daily walks are needed. The coat is short and fine and requires little in the way of grooming and/or bathing.

Boston Terrier Puppy Is Eating His Dinner and Mom Can’t Control Her Laughter

Local couple scammed when trying to buy 3 Boston Terriers online

A local couple got taken for more than 1-thousand dollars for what they thought would be their new four-legged family members.

Three Boston Terriers run the Signorelli household. Tom and Gwenda wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We have the best dogs in the world. They’re completely crazy,” Tom said.

But getting to this point would take months of frustration and heartache.

After their two dogs died last year, the Signorelli started looking for the next generation of dogs to join the family. They searched for puppies on websites selling Boston Terriers and found a seller on a “Boston Terrier Facebook Group.”

“We found a girl that said we have three Boston Terriers available,” Tom said.

That girl sent them pictures of puppies – which she said would be ready for pick up in just a few weeks.

“She gave us a good price on three dogs which was 15-hundred dollars,” Tom said.

They paid for the dogs up front.

“We believed her hook line and sinker. She was a person who portrayed herself as a lover of animals,” Tom said.

But when it came time to pick up the dogs, the seller kept coming up with excuses.

“Eventually she sort of admitted that she didn’t have them,” Tom said.

The Signorelli wasn’t just out the money – they were also out three family members.

“You know, you love dogs and you’re looking forward to getting those dogs. There’s that little heartbreak that goes along with it too,” Tom said.

They eventually bought three other terriers from a legit seller. Read More

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