dog is swimming on the dog days

Dog Days Of Summer. How It Will Affect Your Pet Dog

What Does Dog Days of Summer mean? The phrase “the dog days of summer”, surprisingly has no connection to dogs. Nowadays it is used to describe the hottest most humid days of the Summer months. Some believe that the expression stems from the fact that dogs can be lethargic and sluggish on a hot day […]

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dogs eating grass on backyard

My Dog Eats Grass and Now I Know Why

As a long term dog owner, it is hard to ignore the fact that every dog I have ever owned has at some point eaten grass and my dog now is no exception to this. I will catch her eating grass on a regular basis, even though I know hunger does not cause this behavior. […]

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feeding a dog

What To Know About Feeding Your Dog

As a new or a long term dog owner, it is likely that you have had many concerns about your dog’s diet. There is a multitude of questions you need to ask yourself concerning the food you will be feeding your dog. It is important that you set healthy eating habits from the beginning as […]

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