Dog Training Secrets – New Experiences

Providing your dog with new experiences is an exciting innovative method of dog training secrets. If you have your own garden, begin training in it as soon as you can.

With your vet’s approval, take your puppy to public places so that it becomes accustomed to traffic noise, people who look different from you, and car journeys.

More importantly, your puppy will get used to obeying you in different environments and circumstances.

dog training secrets
Playing with other dogs

Taking your puppy to weekly, supervised puppy classes will allow it to learn what canine body language means and how it can use body language when communicating with other dogs.

Outdoor Rendezvous

Arrange for the dog to meet new people inside your home first, and then outdoors. This will prepare the dog for later meetings with people who will try to stroke it without asking your permission. Ask your friends to sit on their haunches when greeting the puppy, so that they do not intimidate it. They can also offer a food treat so that the puppy will learn to welcome approaches from other people.

A positive approach

Always instruct children to approach the dog quietly and to stroke it gently from the side. Make sure you reward the dog with verbal praise or a food treat when it behaves calmly.

Introducing the car

The back of a car can be a frightening place, especially if the dog’s first experience in it causes motion sickness and nausea. Before actually driving anywhere, entice the dog into your parked car with a food reward. Once the dog is happy to sit in the car, accustom it to the sound of the engine. Train the dog to look upon the car as a second home.

Additional dog training secrets information

First outdoor experience

It is important for a puppy to experience the smells, sights, and sounds of everyday life from as early an age as possible. Carry your puppy outdoors before it is fully inoculated, but do not put it on the ground.

Frightening strangers

A person with a beard, a hat, or a different skin complexion to the dog’s human family can be intimidating. Set up meetings between your friends and the dog, and reward the dog if it shows curiosity but remains calm.

Reward quiet behavior

After a car journey, give food rewards and verbal praise if the dog shows no signs of agitation. Go for short drives initially, and gradually increase their duration. Always reward the dog for settling down and remaining quiet.

These are some of the dog training secrets you might want to use and accustomed your new puppy too so that it will grow with an obedient nature.

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