7 Exciting Facts That Prove Dogs Are Better Than Cats!

7 Exciting Facts That Prove Dogs Are Better Than Cats!

Are Dogs Better than Cats?

It is not surprising that dog owners argue that they trump cats in every way, and this belief is not only due to bias on the owner’s behalf, but cats are also known to be the most indifferent of the two. Dogs have even gained the title of “man’s best friend”, due to their loyal and loving nature. However, this phrase is never attributed to cats, and for good reason, as they are commonly known to lack the loyalty and affectionate nature of dogs.


Dogs are renowned for their loyalty whereas cats are not. It is well known that cats are independent creatures who, for the most part, make it very clear that they do not need you. They can disappear for hours on end and only return when there is the prospect of food. Cats come and go as they please which is the opposite of dogs, who depend entirely on you, they love attention and affection, and they will be happy to sit by you or even be in your company.

Dogs, will sit and patiently wait for their human to come home, no matter how long they have been alone, the length of time does not matter to them as they react as if they have not seen you for years. Their response will always be the same, joy and excitement that you are finally reunited.

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats?

Cats on the other hand probably won’t even notice if your gone and most likely will not care that you’re home. They may show you affection just not to the same extent as dogs do. Dogs are the loyal companions who love you while cats tolerate you. This is why we hear stories of dogs as hero’s. Many have saved their family members from dangerous animals like snakes and bear’s all out of love and loyalty. These types of stories are commonly associated with dogs and not cats.

Health Benefits:

dogs are better than catsAnother positive aspect of being the proud owner of a dog is the health benefits. There is a reason why you don’t see people walking their pet cats; cats tend to be more skittish than dogs and prefer to be able to hide quickly and escape to higher ground rather than be stuck on a lead in a strange environment. Because of this, owners do not tend to walk their cats. However, dogs are the opposite and love walks. This will keep your dog in good health and will benefit you also. This is one advantage of owning a dog as it ensures that you cannot avoid exercise, as dogs will make it very clear when they want to go for a walk and will not stop until they get their way. However, this benefits you in the long run as it will keep you healthy and motivated.


Furthermore, dogs are better than cats as they provide comfort for their owners. Though the owners of cats will argue that they do this as well, dogs still win in this category as they have been proven to be able to determine their owner’s moods and decipher our body language. They can tell when you are sad or stressed or in need of support. They will lay with you to provide comfort and show you that they are interested. It is this trait that makes them perfect for nursing home companions, and it is also why they are used in colleges for exam times, as they offer comfort and relieve students of stress.


It is also proven that dogs trump cats in regards to training as they are easier to teach new things to in comparison to their feline counterparts. We rarely see cats that do tricks such as playing dead, giving handshakes and even sitting. Cats take much longer to train as they lack the eagerness that dogs have. However, many dog breeds love to please their owners which also makes them easier to train as they will do anything to make you happy. This is why we have seeing eye dogs and rescue dogs rather than cats as they pick up commands much better than cats.


Though cat owners will argue that cats are usually the alpha of the house, they are still smaller and less threatening than dogs especially in comparison to particular large guard dog breeds such as the Alsatian, Rottweiler, Doberman, and Boxer. Even small dogs are prone to bark at strangers which will perturb any thieves. Though cats can be vicious, they can also be skittish and may hide when a stranger enters the house making them unreliable guards.


Another reason why dogs trump cats are the fact that dogs do not need to have a litter box sitting in the middle of the kitchen. With a cat, you are tied to cleaning a litter box every day which is never a pleasant task and if you do forgo cleaning for even a day there will be an unpleasant odor all around your house. Though dogs also require you to pick up after them, especially in public areas like parks and public paths it is a much easier task compared to cleaning a litter tray, as it is less messy and requires less effort.


Also, dogs are the better pet as they deal with change better than cats. You may have to move multiple times throughout your dog’s life, and you will introduce new people to your dog many times throughout its life also. However, dogs are usually happy to do so and are more attached to you as an owner than the environment they are in. They also take cues from their owners and if you appear comfortable in a new environment or around new people they will relax and accept the new situation happily. However, cats are the opposite of this and are wary of new situations and new people.

Though either a cat or a dog will make a great pet, most people prefer one to the other. Therefore, most dog owners will not be swayed from the belief that dogs are better than cats. As not only are they considered “man’s best friend” but their loyalty and playfulness make them the better pet every time.

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