5 Most Popular Small Dogs – These Small Little Dogs Are Cute

5 Most Popular Small Dogs – These Small Little Dogs Are Cute

It is often said that great dogs come small. Here it is the 5 most popular small dogs that you can own. While this may not always be the case, the truth of the matter is that a good number of the small dog breeds are cuddly, cute, quiet and with very meek personalities.

However, this is no guarantee and neither is it a steadfast rule about the small dogs. Notably, some of the smallest dog breeds are known to be exceedingly aggressive, making up for what they lack in physique in temperament.

The good news though is that some of the small breeds are well known to be really human-friendly with an enviable trait of being meek.

5  Most Popular Small Dogs With Pictures And Names.


The very very small dog breeds that are also small in their personality are arguably the most popular breeds. Not only are they friendly to humans, as most dogs owners would wish, but are also very convenient to maintain especially for those people who are tight on space. Thus, if you live in an apartment, or enjoy the companionship of a small dog, choose any of these.

  Maltese Dog

most popular small dogs

If you have dog fur allergies, then this is the breed to settle on. Not only are the Maltese non-shedders, they are also extremely hospitable and value constant human contact. They have a distinct quality of their long and straight white coat that always appears so polished.

 Bichon Frise

small little dogs
Bichon Frisé Puppy

very very small dog

Also known to be friendly to familiar children and other pets, the Bichon Frise has excellent trainability traits. It’s physically covered with a white puffy coat, and one of the most active breeds of the small small dogs. A wonderful companion for both families and individuals!

 Shih Tzu

small small dogs

Probably one of the most popular breeds of the small little dogs, the Shih Tzu dog is an adorable “mini lion” that gets along very well with virtually every living creature. Also loved since it does not shed and very ideal for people with allergies. However, daily grooming is needed.

 The Boston Terrier

kinds of small dogs

An excellent family dog that is very active. It bonds extremely well with the kids and requires less grooming thus easy to maintain. By the virtue of it being too active, it also likes to chew households items too much, thus getting it its own set of toys is highly recommended.

 Chihuahua – Extra Small Dog Breed

extra small dogs

best mini dogs
Name Lola. My Best Mini Dog.

The Chihuahua is probably the most controversial of the very very small dog breeds. Don’t get deceived by its gentle looks; it has a mountain of ego and attitude. People with small kids are warned that this may not be the best choice as the Chihuahua likes to nip at children. However, upon adjustment, it is extremely loyal and affectionate type of dog. The Chihuahua is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. See here a £5,000 lavish birthday party of a Chihuahua.

Selection Of Best Small Dogs To Have.

Having looked at some of the most popular breeds of the small dogs, here are the criteria you can use in making that final decision.


Of course, if you prefer a small dog, size is definitely the first thing that you consider. For a dog to qualify as small, it must weigh less than 22lbs and be shorter than 16”. The Chihuahua, for instance, which weighs a paltry 7 pounds perfectly, fits this bill.


This is the dog’s capacity to learn and respond to commands. The faster in learning the dog is, the more desirable and attractive it becomes. This is so because it saves on training costs.

 Hair shedding

This is a very vital consideration especially for people who develop allergies. Other than that, dogs that shed loads of hair tend to make the carpet, sofas, and clothes dirty very easily.

 Maintenance needs

For a small dog, the maintenance requirements are essentially two: grooming and vacuuming. Otherwise, they could be easily classified as maintenance free, since only the heavy shedders need this kind of constant maintenance.

Mingle with Children

The children are a core factor in family dog selection. If the dog cannot get along well with the kids, if you have any, then it is not the best choice. This is so because kids are playful and if the dogs hate that behavior it may become aggressive to the kid.

Extra Small Dog Breeds are Best!

The convenience of having one of these most popular small dogs as a companion cannot be gainsaid. This even becomes better if you are the kind of person who travels a lot. A small little dog, due to its lightweight, becomes a better partner than a big-sized dog.

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