3 Tips For Potty Training A Puppy

3 Tips For Potty Training A Puppy

If you own a brand new puppy then you will have to go through the task of attempting to potty train him.

A puppy must learn that he must go to the bathroom outside and not on your precious hardwood or carpeted floors.

puppy potty training

For those who do not have much experience with animals it can be a bit stressful. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to potty train your puppy:

Stay Calm

Potty dog training requires a relaxed mood for both you and the puppy. The experience will be similar to potty training a child. That being said, if you make the puppy nervous by yelling at him or scolding him it will cause problems. Bad nerves do effect a puppy’s ability to hold its waste for the right location. Please keep that in mind.

Praise Puppy

Whenever your puppy does go to the potty in the right place praise him by giving him a tasty treat. Also you can clap for him and say “Yay!” just like you would do with a child. Dogs understand human emotions and expressions and your puppy will know that you are pleased with him when he sees your face light up.

Train According To Feeding Schedule

It is very likely that your puppy will have to go to the bathroom approximately 45 minutes after he eats or drinks. You will want to take him out for walks and encourage potty action according to his feeding times. That will make the training process a lot easier.

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