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Dog News - Pudsey Dancing Dog

Ashleigh Butler and Pudsey dancing dog are the winners of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent 2012. The 17-year-old from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire and her six-year-old dog narrowly beat Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli to the title after receiving the most votes from the public, leaving Welsh choir Only Boys Allowed in third place. An emotional Ashleigh, […]

Dog Breeds - Best Information On Small Dog Breeds

There are things to consider when choosing information on small dog breeds which is agreeable with your household. There are numerous breeds of dogs which need their owners to invest considerable time along with them, although some want to be left on their own. There are several breed of dogs which need plenty of coaching […]

Dog Training Tips - Aggression In Dog – How To Solve It

Dominant aggression in dog is usually directed towards another dog of the same sex. It is much more of a problem in males than females, and is most likely to take place when the dog is on its own territory. Some dogs are simply unsocialized social misfits, but more often the problem is sex-hormone-related. Neutering […]

Dog Training Tips - Dog Training Secrets – New Experiences

Providing your dog with new experiences is an exciting innovative method of dog training secrets. If you have your own garden, begin training in it as soon as you can. With your vet’s approval, take your puppy to public places so that it becomes accustomed to traffic noise, people who look different to you, and […]